Tuesday, March 31, 2009

day off

It seems like I always have a list 40 miles long for my days off, and no matter how hard I try I can never seem to make a dent in it. I actually did better than usual today. I picked up the car from the garage, I dropped my wife and my laundry off at my grandma-in-laws house and went off to a not-job-interview which went extremely well. I bought a book, I rented (fostered) some kittens, I bought a pizza, I ate the pizza (best part) I dropped Sarah off at her bible study, I set the kittens up in their temp home, I went downtown to collect some money I was owed, I picked Sarah up from bible study, dropped off the car at my parents and came home. Sounds like I did a lot, but my house is still a disaster. The cat got into the toilet paper, the dishes haven't been done in days, there is still laundry ALL over the bedroom floor.

When do I become a grown up again? oh yeah, it's happened. this is as good as it gets. How did my parents do it?


  1. there is an easy solution to this: plural marriage. She will be our maid, our babysitter when we have babies, and when we are in school she can do our homework :)

  2. I think your thinking of forced slave labor, but you're thinking! I like that.