Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blood Money

Although the title of this blog is a little intense, I feel it is mildly apt. I am a musician, I do musiciany things including playing concerts. I was approached by one of my contacts (of somewhat less reputable commendations) to play an out of town show. They wanted me to handle the promotions aspect of the show because I have my own promo company. I told them that I would be willing to do some promo stuff for the show, but not all seeing as how I'm at a geographical disadvantage. The agreed upon price for the show was $200, which is one of the higher sums I've been payed to play a show, especially since it's a solo gig I won't have to split it with any other musicians. Although I'm not entirely looking forward to playing the show, I am enticed by the money, $200 bucks for 45 minutes work is not bad at all, and up until last night I had no qualms accepting the money. Sarah told me however that she doesn't want me to take it. She doesn't trust this guy either, thinks I shouldn't have agreed to play the show... I have to play the show because I'm a man of my word, but now I don't know whether or not to take the dough. Until last night the money was the only thing making this venture worth while. I don't know what to do. We're hard up for cash, but Sarah won't eat any food bought with this money, or live in an apartment payed for by this money. If I accept the money am I forfeiting my integrity? Or am I just a musician looking to get payed? I don't even want to play the show anymore... cut my losses and go, but I already said I would play. Stupid morals...

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  1. lol "stupid wife's morals" all i ment was use your discernment. If you take it i won't be mad, i just don't want to eat by it, be clothed by it, or sleep under it. You can get a new microphone, it could go towards our Mission work, whatevas