Wednesday, July 1, 2009

10 years old and comparing scars

Recently I was at a barbecue for all the new students at Tyndale. One of the professors had brought his 10 year old son who was running around playing with 2 little girls. As I walked by them a few times I heard some things that took me back to my childhood. The first one was accompanied by a flashy show of child manliness. As he pulled his sleeve back to show his biceps I heard him say "there, see? I'm not weak!" about ten minutes later I walked by again and heard him saying "my church? My church is ok. It's all about like God and Jesus and stuff."

If you've never been a 10 year old boy, you should know that it's mostly comparing scars and proving how not weak you are. Whether you accomplish that by jumping straight up in the air and purposely landing on your knees, or having a punching competition with your best friend is completely up to you.

I also feel like his above statement of faith accurately represents the modern day Christian. It seems that people are either over exuberant and short sighted, or trying their best to be wallflowers, blending in with society.

I'm tend to go back and forth I think. I try to just be honest and faithful, but I think it comes out differently. Truth is, I feel like this kid most of the time. Trying to prove that I'm tough, trying to prove that church is cool, or at least okay. When confronted about my faith I turn into a 10 year old boy, comparing my scars. Maybe I need to work on that.

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