Thursday, February 26, 2009


The more I feel called to serve the poor and spread the gospel the more I grow to loathe my current job. I won't say where I work, what I will say is that it's ironic that we sell neither pottery, nor barns. Since the financial crisis has hit I've become increasingly despondent, as my sole purpose has since become to convince rich people not to return their overpriced merchandise. One such case in particular involves a man who purchased a couch through a relative who was an associate in order to get her discount. He was given a tremendous deal (one that would not normally be given even to an associate), and purchased a sofa that would not be able to be returned associate or not. In his haste, my guess is he forgot to measure the elevator in his condo. Now he is creating such a fuss about returning it that if we let him it will endanger his nieces job with the company, and yet he persists.

It`s frustrating to go to work, spend the day processing returns and then have your hours cut at the end of the day because of it. I spend my day hearing vapid complaints meanwhile my wife and I barely have enough money to pay rent or buy food. Don`t get me wrong, the LORD takes care of us, and when we are found without he sends us an abundance and we pull through, it is still however discouraging.

I feel called to the LORD`s service, and I am itching to get moving on it. I had a conversation with God a while ago and he told me it was time to leave my current job. Upon further prayer I felt God tell me to stay. Heartbroken I questioned God, wondering why the God who doesn`t change his mind had changed his mind. I meditated on the subject a while longer and came to the conclusion that God didn`t want me to take another job that I would wind up hating in a few months, but that I should wait for his timing to place me in a job I will love. I also feel like maybe at this point, the LORD`s work might be ministering to the people at work. However I seem to be taking Jonah`s reluctant stance on this. Hopefully I won`t have to be swallowed by a whale to get the picture. even so... work sucks.

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